Time After Time

 I hadn't intended on being gone from blogging, but such is life. My world lately has been full of medical related things - doctor's visits, surgeries, prescriptions, insurance issues, check ins with care teams 3 times a week by phone, setting up rides to said appointments and oh my so much more. It's just a lot and often feels like a full time job just to keep up. It's exhausting.  On the other side of things, I have been enjoying reading - which keep an eye here for book reviews!, coloring - I feel like an artist and it is very calming and just absolutely fun in my opinion, and doing a little bit of writing. I also have 3 cats that keep me on my toes: Merlin, a silver haired tabby, will be 13 in March, Delilah, a calico, who just turned 7, and finally, my baby who I bottle fed when his momma disappeared, he is a maine coon and is about to be 8 months old. I absolutely love love love them but yes, it is a lot like having kiddos in the house.  Speaking of writing - I ha